Saturday, September 10, 2016

What is holding me back from the Freedom lifestyle? - Day 1

What is stopping me from pursuing things that I am passionate about?

I am turning 54 in two weeks’ time. Age is undoubtedly an important factor in my decision to try something completely different from my comfortable, effortless routines. I grew up in Canada where youthfulness and high energy are preferred over experience and wisdom. Now that the Boomers are retiring more rapidly, the society has developed more tolerance and provisions for this group of senior citizens. Being unconventional is not perceived as weird as before.

I used to have fear of failure. Not having a family or being a social butterfly helps to alleviate that fear. I am only responsible for my own living expenses. Nobody would have to suffer if I have a financial setback. If and when I fail, hardly anyone would notice, especially when I become less of a threat to my competition. I have little desire to be the most popular and envied person in my social circles. These days I only do things that make me happy without harming other people or the environment.

Though I do not have answers to all the questions, I am willing to rely on my ability to overcome obstacles and lead a care-free and meaningful life by breaking free.

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