Monday, September 19, 2016

Celebrating Freedom - Day 10

The part that I enjoy most about the 10-day Freedom Lifestyle Challenge is the systematic approach of developing the plan. At first, I was a bit anxious about writing a blog every day. That was not a habit of mine. Now it has become a habit and it does not take as long to put my thoughts “on paper”.

My favourite day was Day 7 Beating Procrastination and Overwhelm. The cliché saying of “You are your biggest enemy” is true once again in my case. I thought I had the “discipline” to lead a freedom lifestyle and the ability to deal with extraordinary tasks. I felt very accomplished when I came up with a plan to restructure my daily routine to complete the task of preparing a complex business plan. Instead of setting a deadline, I threw in a couple of incentives.

I have always been interested in personal improvement, and often look for new tools. The Pomodoro technique is now a new tool in my toolbox. I like it so much that I have shared this take-away with a couple of friends. By participating in the 10-day challenge, I am encouraged to continue with my itinerant lifestyle plus some modifications and the full knowledge that my tribe is getting bigger and bigger by the minute.

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