Monday, September 12, 2016

Creating A Vision For The Future - Day 3

My vision for a typical day in my completely free life is not to have a typical day at all. If I feel like visiting an art gallery and a museum, I should be able to do just that, and not have to worry that I have not done my work. Yet I would not squander my time away by sleeping the whole day or engaging in idle gossips.

Life-long learning is very important to me. I would like to set aside time to learn new stuff everyday by reading or surfing the net. I do not necessarily want to pursue another degree; however, I want to be able to feed my inquisitive mind regularly and be up-to-date with my surroundings. Quiet contemplation is another essential activity for me to maintain a healthy soul. I would also set aside time for long strolls, preferably along a sandy beach with my faithful companion. Water energizes me and walking keeps my body healthy.

I like helping people. From time to time, I want to help out where help is most needed. It could be as simple as cooking a sick neighbor a meal or as technical as teaching entrepreneurs to write business plans. Life should be as beautiful for me as it is for other people and future generations.

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