Saturday, September 17, 2016

Choosing My Adventure - Day 8

Seldom do I get a chance to play tourist in my hometown. I went out to one of the touristy neighborhoods in Vancouver. I had my Ethiopian shawl on. Strangely enough, my Ethiopian outfit was not a show stopper. Other than a few stares from the very young and very old, I blended in well with the visiting crowd.

Last month I tried out a new recipe twice and was unsuccessful both times. I tweaked it a little bit this time and voila, I did it. I suppose doing a visualization exercise prior to cooking really helped.
Last week I was helping a few people with various tasks and errands. I had many loose ends because of the disruptions in my regular schedule. Today I was able to catch up. I felt particularly accomplished when I finally finished reading a book about recent social phenomena.

Our society prefers outgoing, extroverted people. People often carry the misconception that introverted people are sad and lonely. I am introverted and prefer to spend time by myself. I believe that personal development comes from the periodical practice of reflection and conscience examination. Today I am happy to be able to do just that. 

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